Ryota Yamada


  • Kayaked alone on the Yukon River(2,700 km), the Columbia River & Puget Sound(1,000 km) and etc. as questing the relationship between the wilderness and humans.
  • Had Special lectures at Tama Art University 4 times.
  • Had Lecture at Meiji University.
  • Had Photo Exhibitions and talk sessions in Shibuya and etc.

Master of Information Technology at Shinshu University

Former Senior Researcher for Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Research Center: Structural analysis simulation, Meta-material Research

Former Senior Engineer for Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. IC Business Headquarter: RFID develop

Former Senior Engineer for YAESU Co., Ltd.: RFID develop



  • ユーコン川(2,700 km)、コロンビア川・ピュージェット湾(1,000 km)等を単独カヤックで探検し、原野と人間の関わりを探求。
  • 多摩美術大学特別講義4回
  • 明治大学大学院講演
  • 写真展と講演/渋谷はすとばら・ハローハッピー・その他

元凸版印刷株式会社総合研究所シニア研究員: 構造解析シミュレーション・メタマテリアル研究

元凸版印刷株式会社ICビジネス本部: RFID開発

元八重洲無線株式会社: RFID開発